Complete Architectural and Design services by licensed professionals.  We are state certified, focused on protecting the environment and implementing green architecture into people's daily lives. 



We exclusively supervise and execute our projects, to help investors who do not have much time to monitor their investments.



You want to invest in Montenegro but you don't know where or how? We can help you with our experience and connections. With us you can pass the entire process, from initial investments, to making a profit.

 We will do preliminary study that is prepared before the 

project / investment implementation process begins to assess the likelihood of success. The study includes an analysis of possible solutions and a recommendation on which of the solutions offered has the greatest chance of success under the given conditions.


the process of designing your future

 First step is to get from you what your goals and desires are! 

To better understand you or your business. All in order to give you the best possible experience in creating your project or dream home.

 Second step is to meet you after a short time in order to present you a conceptual solution

The concept always reflects your wishes and demands. At this moment we present to you the concept and the main features and functions that must be implemented. After your observation and further instructions, we move on with process.

 Third step is the next meeting where you are presented with a preliminary design with a 3d model when clients can fully see their future project. In this step, changes are made and details are defined. This is the step when we make all the final changes.

 Final step is when you get the main project, the project with which you can execute your project. The moment when we can look at the whole process we went through together.

 Timeframe the whole process from the first to the final step can take from one to several months depending on the size of the project. It is a journey that we strive to make you comfortable and in which you learn some new things from us and we will certainly learn something from you.

After successfully cooperating in the design of your project, you can make with us arrangement for further steps such as project monitoring, supervision or fully entrust us with the entire construction and development process exclusively for our projects. 

                    Interesting fact

''Experience has taught us that our dear clients when they see a conceptual solution, only then realize what they really want, that why is this is most important step for the whole process''